Philosophy, neuroscience and consciousness

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Philosophy, neuroscience and conciousness neuro
Rex Welshon


Explaining consciousness is one of the last great unanswered scientific and philosophical problems. Immediately known, familiar and obvious, consciousness is also baffling, opaque and strange. Rex Welshon introduces many of the current neuroscientific proposals about consciousness and discusses them from a philosophical point of view. Welshon’s engagement with recent cognitive science and neurophysiology sets this book apart from other philosophical introductions. In his discussion, Welshon shows that although the advances made in the last twenty years in the scientific study of consciousness have been extraordinary, the philosophical and empirical difficulties researchers continue to face are huge. Indeed, for every promising empirical and philosophical theory of consciousness that Welshon examines, devastating empirical and philosophical objections are shown to exist. Simple and incontrovertible features of consciousness are shown to entail massive peculiarity, which the best scientific theories of consciousness need to respect.

Philosophy, Neuroscience and Consciousness will be welcomed by philosophers of mind looking for an introduction to recent scientific work on consciousness as well as by cognitive scientists keen to understand the philosophical implications of their researches.

“Who should read this book? Anyone with an interest in learning about the metaphysics of mind – what minds are and how they are related to brains (dualism, identity, non-identity, supervenience, anomalously related but causally related, non-causally related and perhaps epiphenomenal, explanatory gap, origin of phenomenal properties of conscious states); anyone interested in the evolution of the brain and how that may be related to the origin of consciousness and cognition or language; anyone interested in reaping the benefits of Welshon’s very extensive and thorough literature search on the intersection of philosophy and neuroscience on the subject of consciousness and related topics … Welshon may have done what many would say cannot be done, produce a one-stop shopping account of the gist of what has taken place in philosophy of mind over the past 30 years. There is scarcely a topic that he doesn’t cover in some way and taxonomize in a very helpful way for someone new to the subject.” – Analysis Reviews

“Welshon investigates consciousness and its relation to the brain, covering both philosophical and neuroscientific literature in great depth. This combination of philosophy with a detailed review and analysis of relevant neuroscience is very welcome. Several leading philosophers draw heavily on developments in neuroscience without providing ordinary readers with the background they need to understand those developments for themselves. This book provides both means and motivation for philosophers to incorporate significant knowledge of neuroscience into their reflections. A valuable contribution to the literature.” – Stephen Butterfill, University of Warwick

Rex Welshon is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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